[Coovachilli-announce] CoovaChilli 1.4 release

Sevan Janiyan venture37 at geeklan.co.uk
Thu Dec 15 17:43:23 GMT 2016

V1.4 has now been tagged on github featuring the following changes since
release 1.3.2 in September.

Download available at:

Sevan Janiyan

== ChangeLog (CoovaChilli-v1.4) ==
* input_packets and output_packets now exported for scripts to use. via #285
* NetBSD now included in the BSD specific ifdef statements. via #289
* Fixed build Linux kernel 4.4.14 and newer. via #292
* Dropped redundant line in clear_appcon(). via #295
* Fix support for browsers behind a proxy, visiting HTTPS sites. via #296
* Function name & line number now stated in LOG_DEBUG level syslog
messages. via #298
* Add support for identitites to syslog to differentiate messages when
running multiple instances. via #300
* Fix possible crash due to invalid buffer size. via #303
* Fix check in IP header for More Frag flag. via #304
* Fix spelling mistake
* Remove empty comments. via #311
* Start documenting the build and install process in INSTALL file from
scratch. via #315
* Fix sslkeypass function for use with passphrase protected
certificates. via #319, fixes #297
* Drop dnslog function. via #320
* Remove stale spec file. via #321
* Replace invalid email address with Github issues URL in configure
script. via #322
* Drop bogus path to functions file in init.d script
* Added ETCDIR macro for use in chilli init.d script to accomodate
installs in different prefix or sysconfdir. via #324

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