[Coovachilli-announce] CoovaChilli release

Sevan Janiyan venture37 at geeklan.co.uk
Thu May 26 22:10:20 BST 2016

This should've been the v1.3.2 but I made a mistake, we're now on the
road to v1.3.2.
On behalf of the team, thank you all for your contributions.

Sevan Janiyan

== ChangeLog (CoovaChilli-v1.3.1.4) ==
* Update refs to site to http://coova.github.io/ and fix software name.
* xt_coova.c with kernel version >= 3.10.0 fixed
* Compile with --enable-pppoe fixed
* Compile with --enable-location fixed
* enable_json should be =no by default or libchilli compile fails
* syslog params with --with-ipc-msg fixed
* When xt_coova is in use IP address is no longer removed from dhcpif
* Compile with --netfilter-queue fixed
* Support for vendor specific dhcp options (60/43) added
* HS_LOCATIONOPT82 now maps to locationopt82 flag
* HS_UDP_PORTS introduced in sample up.sh for permitting UDP ports in fw
* DHCP relay functionality fixed
* Introduce enable-json flag, support for JSON is no longer enabled by
* www.coova.org is no longer permitted by default
* Most DEBUG level logging now only happens if enable.debug is true
* IPtables rules re-ordered
* Switch from mktemp() to mkstemp()
* JSON replies can now include nasid
* Added support for Travis CI https://travis-ci.org/coova/coova-chilli
* Switch from safe_snprintf() to snprintf()
* Switch from safe_fork() to fork()
* Update bstring library with fork from msteinert/bstring
* An attempt to close an unopened proxy socket is no longer performed
* Switch from strcpy(3) to strlcpy(3)
* Use `new_socket` instead of `0` and `1` descriptors
* Introduce CONTRIBUTING.md
* Update AVL headers from
* Use AC_PROG_CC_C99 macro to specify C99 standard to compiler
* An attempt to reopen a socket just because writing would block is no
longer performed
* Add license information for extern/strlcpy.c & libjson to LICENSE
* Correct sequence number is now used in a TCP RESET.
* SSLv2 & v3 support disabled
* sslciphers option added
* kmod_coova_sync gained layer3 support
* radius_reply() replaced by radius_pkt_send()
* Numerous churn to autoconf settings
* Numerous bug fixes
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