[CoovaChilli] how to DHCP relay

John Jiang manpower.john999 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 11:19:52 GMT 2016


I want to use external dhcp server (Dnsmasq) for coovachilli. I know I need
to setup the dhcp relay for this :

dhcpgateway=  (dnsmasq's address)
dhcplisten= (uam server)

Both the coovachilli  and dnsmasq are run on the same router.

I don't know how to set them working correctly.

Does the dhcpgateway mean where the dhcp server is  ?  Or is it a dhcp

And dhcplisten should be coovachilli itself ? Or is it a dhcp relay?

Could anyone help me to do this?

thanks very much.

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