[CoovaChilli] youtube.com and coova.org always whitelisted issue

Kumar Mrinal kr.mrinal at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 22:38:07 GMT 2016

Dear All,

We have various coova based captive portal running on openWRT. Recently one
of our clients complained that users were able to access youtube without
being authorized. That was surprising because none of the google services
(domains or IP addresses) were whitelisted in the coova config.

When we investigated we found that youtube.com really was accessible so was
ytimg.com which stores most images, css, js files for youtube. With more
digging we found that www.coova.org was accessible to unauthorized users
too and that coova.org, youtube.com, ytimg.com were all resolving to same
IP address.

Only justification we could reach is that maybe coova.org is whitelisted by
default and as coova is part of google now and it somehow shares the IP
address with other services and that's why users have access to YouTube.

Does this make sense ? If yes then how can we disable access to coova.org


Kumar Mrinal

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