[CoovaChilli] Coovachilli login does nothing (login.chi redirection doesn't work)

Tanmaya Mishra tanu1409 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 20:41:17 BST 2016


My setup is so:

1) A Raspberry Pi connected to a TPLink Router over Wifi (br-lan)

2) A FreeRadius server runs on the Pi. I have CoovaChilli installed on the

3) The Wifi (br-lan) interface is where clients will connect. The wan
interface is usb0.

When I launch the radius server on the Pi and then the Coova chilli
instance on the router, I receive an Accounting-Request packet on the
FreeRadius server from coovachilli, so it seems the connection is perfectly

When I try accessing google on my laptop, connected to the br-lan
interface, I am successfully redirected to the default coovachilli login

However, when I enter the credentials and press login, I am immediately
shown the Connection Reset error (Firefox, URL in the browser is I also receive nothing on my FreeRadius
server, suggesting that nothing was sent.

Would be very grateful for any suggestions/hints.

Thank you

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