[CoovaChilli] Coova-Chilli resets connection after login by TCP RST Flag

Simon Peters simon-peters at hotmail.de
Wed Jun 1 15:42:56 BST 2016

Hello Guys,

first of all i want to say: thank you for distributing coova! It's such a great piece of software, and im glad that you continued chilli.
Sadly I'm having trouble with configuring coova. I really count on your help now!

I have multiple questions and to avoid spam, I'll put them all in one mail.

1. What the correct way to setup coova?

- Clone from git and compile it?
  Under debian, im not able to perform a make install.Make install is doing some commands, but im not able to start chilli right aftter performing the make install. With debuild everything worked fine.
- Use debuild?
- Install from repository?

Why make install doesn't setup coova under debian?

2. What are the effects of not setting parameters like  --enable-miniportal with ./configure?

- Will leaving this param install coova without a miniportal?

3. Now to my main Bug.

I installed coova on a debian 8 system.
Cloned from git, performed a ./configure with my needed options and created a .deb with debuild -b -us -uc -i.

Everything works, radius and sql too, im just having a strange bug. After i login with my user and password on the login.chi, my browser says that the connections was reset. The coova --debug mode says "Segmentation Fault". In wireshark I can see a TCP Reset Flag, right after i clicked login in Traffic. I first thought its a bug with haserl, but that seems to work properly.
Did you know any cases where that happended?

Thanks in advance, an sorry for my bad english :)


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