[CoovaChilli] Documentation about xt_coova/ipt-coova/nfcoova

Pierre Parent pparent at comminter.com
Tue May 31 14:42:36 BST 2016

I'm lacking documentation on how to have chili working with xt_coova. 
I compiled it (in openwrt) with --with-nfcoova option, I have the xt_coova 
linux module running, and I don't observe any improvement on performances, or 
CPU usage. 
Also lsmod shows that the module xt_coova is not called:
xt_connlimit 3296 0 
xt_connmark 960 3 
xt_conntrack 2064 14 
xt_coova 5312 0 
xt_dscp 928 0 
xt_ecn 1216 0 
xt_helper 800 0 
xt_hl 720 0 
xt_id 400 0 
I guess, I must be missing something, but I don't find any documentation on how 
to setup xt-coova. Is there a special option to set in the config file, or 
special iptables to setup? 
Thanks in advance!


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