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Muhammad Usman muhd.usman87 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 17:41:41 GMT 2016

Thanks a lot Sebastian for such elaborate reply.
Yes, That is precisely whats happening, Request have "
http://captive.apple.com/hotspot-detect.html" in userurl variable, but in
my case I want to redirect the user to a specific website using redirurl,
but still it is using userurl.  This is my success condition code. Thanks
again really appreciate your help.

if ($res == 'success') {
    header("Location: $redurl");

On Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 10:31 PM, sebastian villalba <
villalba.sebastian at gmail.com> wrote:

> this is what i understand:
> with non-apple devices:
>    1. u join the wifi network
>    2. u open ur browser
>    3. u go to any given website
>    4. u get redirected to captive portal
>    5. u auth
>    6. u get redirected to original website (step 3)
> whit apple devices:
>    1. u join the wifi network
>    2. a browser window pops up with the captive portal
>    3. u auth
>    4. u get 'success' screen
> it this is whats happening then there is no problem at all because that is
> how apple devices work.
> when the join a wifi network they try to reach for
> http://captive.apple.com/hotspot-detect.html
> the fact that u are behind a coova chilli makes this request get
> redirectred to something like [whateverIPaddress]/something.php?p1=1, ...
> , user_url=http://captive.apple.com/hotspot-detect.html so when the
> parameter *res* equals *success*, the parameter *user_url* equals
> http://captive.apple.com/hotspot-detect.html for apple devices
> if you go ahead and paste this http://captive.apple.com/
> hotspot-detect.html in your browser, you'll see the 'success' screen
> so u may wanna try to handle this specific url in the success condition of
> your captive portal
> the other way around would be to make the users hit the cancel button of
> the pop-up browser and then try to visit a website through the other
> browser and go through the process mentioned above, but i think this is a
> poor solution unless you find a way to avoid the default browser to pop-up
> (let me know if u do)
> on the other hand if you want to redirect any user to the same website
> everytime they auth u can do that too in the success condition of the
> captive portal.
> i hope this helps
> svf
> El jue., 10 de nov. de 2016 a la(s) 21:50, Muhammad Usman <
> muhd.usman87 at gmail.com> escribió:
>> Thanks a lot Sebastian for the reply.
>> In my case, upon connection to WiFi network, Apple devices open a popup
>> and redirect me to the captive portal. But when the user performs
>> authentications, then it redirects to a white screen with only Success
>> written on it.
>> Any ideas what should i do here?
>> On Nov 11, 2016 12:39 AM, "sebastian villalba" <
>> villalba.sebastian at gmail.com> wrote:
>> hey,
>> whenever an iphone connects to a wifi network it sends request to
>> http://captive.apple.com/hotspot-detect.html so u need to redirect this
>> request to your router or wherever u are hosting the web service.
>> if u are getting the success screen it means that the request to
>> captive.apple is going through ur router and u must block it. otherwise the
>> iphone wont 'realize' it is in a walled garden.
>> hope this helps
>> regards
>> svf
>> El jue., 10 de nov. de 2016 a la(s) 12:11, Muhammad Usman <
>> muhd.usman87 at gmail.com> escribió:
>> Hi,
>> I have setup CoovaChilli and all devices are properly redirecting me to
>> the
>> captive portal but the Apple devices open a default browser when we try to
>> connect and in case of Success, it just opens a white screen with only
>> "Success" written on it. All other devices properly get redirected to
>> redir_url. The Success condition is properly managed on captive Portal.
>> Any
>> idea whats causing this behavior in Apple devices only. Thanks
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