[CoovaChilli] Integrating Social Media Account

Muhammad Usman muhd.usman87 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 17:26:45 GMT 2016

I want to integrate social media accounts for user to login, but I dont
want to add their domains in whitelist permanently. What I have done is a
four step process, when user opts to sign in with Facebook,

1. First I authenticate the customer using a fix account
2. Once the internet access is open, now I redirect customer to the
Facebook login page
3. If customer is successfully authenticated, I logout the customer from
"temp fix" account
4. Now I authenticate the customer using their actual email id and fix

This complete process works intermittently, Issue mostly comes on Step 4,
sometimes when I logs of the customer in step 3, I get res=already in step
4, which means that the session is still not clear I guess

Can anyone who has done social media integration before can help me out

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