[CoovaChilli] Drupal 8 Support

Ryan Gannon mail at ryangannon.com
Sat Oct 1 23:57:41 BST 2016

My name is Ryan, I'm a backend web dev and I've just started a new position
at a company that up until now has been using Coova with Drupal 6. I was
hoping you could give me some information, or direct me to someone who can,
regarding support for Drupal 8.

As you probably know there has been no development for the Hotspot or EWT
modules for some years.


I understand that David Bird was their original developer but as he
doesn't list
his email on GitHub and his Twitter appears to be dead I have no way to
contact him.

Is there anyone else out there who would have sufficient knowledge of
Coova, and either these modules or Druple 8 modules in general that I could
prod for knowledge?


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