[CoovaChilli] Allowed Domains Not Working

Sevan Janiyan venture37 at geeklan.co.uk
Sat Oct 15 23:14:08 BST 2016

On 15/10/2016 21:59, Muhammad Usman wrote:
> Also I recieve this error when I try to restart Chilli after changing
> the config file. FYI
> root at OpenWrt:/etc/chilli# /etc/init.d/chilli restart
> iptables: No chain/target/match by that name.
> cat: can't open '/tmp/device.hotspot': No such file or directory
> /etc/rc.common: line 143: wlanconfig: not found
> rm: can't remove '/tmp/device.hotspot': No such file or directory

No idea but if you prefer, as a test, you could pass it as a flag directly.


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