[CoovaChilli] Captive Portal Assistant IOS 10.0.2

Jeff Ausfeld jeffausfeld at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 02:03:21 BST 2016

Everything seems to work.  There are a few quirks such as some application
data (seemless ordering ) does not pass through after authentication.
There might be more.

System: Freeradius(3.0.11) Chilli(1.3.1) Unbound (1.4.22) Ubuntu Server

What is really concerning me is two things:

1) The time it takes for the captive portal to finish external
authentication.  Radius does it's thing in maybe a second.  The full
cascade of webpages all the way to and including the redirect is maybe 5
seconds.  Then it just waits there after the final redirect for another
painful 40 seconds doing what looks like nothing.  If you press cancel, the
connection is dropped.  You need to wait, if you do while keeping the
screen alive as it wants to go to sleep, the cancel turns to done and there
is no real problems, other than the quirkiness mentioned above.  I have
tried pushing the success webpage but that does not make any difference.

2) I would like a safari browser redirect from Captive Portal, but what
what I read that is a no go, but how about a link?  The CNA is very limited
but has anybody tried a nice way to exit the user out of the CNA and into a
browser?  Better yet can I do all of thing in a browser and skip the entire
Portal Assistant?

Regards with thanks,

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