[CoovaChilli] CoovaChilli Mask Login URL

Jeff Ausfeld jeff at polyinnovations.com
Mon Oct 31 01:26:25 GMT 2016

Here is an interesting one.  Chilli needs their own DHCP range of address,
and further completely manage that range, no problem.  I find it bothersome
that I have two choices on what to do for browsers that do not use the
captive portal.

1) Redirect everything including HTTPS.  Ugly, and it comes with hateful
warnings by the browser (admittedly warranted), and it still does not
trigger the login.

2) Allow https to pass through without authentication and wait for the user
to come across a straight up http page.  Even when they do find one, it
sometimes takes a little bit.  This can get annoying as I really want the
users to just become accredited as quickly.

So my solution was to mask the login ipaddress:port to something that is
easy for the users to remember.  This presents several problems.  From the
coovachilli address there is no access to /etc/hosts,  running a custom dns
like unbound, kills all traffic.  So I made a subdomain with an A record
specifying the coova login ip address.  Then let the parent domain through
without authentication but that sort of works but I cannot specify the
port, which is a must.

What is the easiest way to use a pretty (and custom) subdomain to trigger
the coova login including the port?

Regards with thanks,

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