[CoovaChilli] Chrome on Android (https)

Denis Dorigo denis.dorigo at waveloc.com
Mon Sep 26 16:54:31 BST 2016

Hi Jose,

That’s exactly what I did, and the result came back after the clearing the

Reading about it, it has nothing to do with DNS but what the site "throws"
at the browser.

I am sure you have the same problem... you just have not seen it personally


HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is a web security policy mechanism
which helps to protect websites against protocol downgrade attacks and
cookie hijacking. It allows web servers to declare that web browsers (or
other complying user agents) should only interact with it using secure HTTPS
connections,[1] and never via the insecure HTTP protocol. HSTS is an IETF
standards track protocol and is specified in RFC 6797.


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