[CoovaChilli] Client isolation / individual subnets per client

Gerrit Geisler ggeisler at frederix.de
Fri Apr 7 09:45:17 BST 2017


did you ever successfully implement client-isolation in the following
infrastructure? If so, I’d greatly appreciate any pointers how to achieve that!

                                  /- Client 1
                       /--- AP 1 { 
CoovaChilli --- Switch {           \- Client 2
                       \--- AP 2 --- Client 3

We want to prevent clients from talking to each other. The APs are capable of
separating their own clients, i.e. Client 1 and 2 won't be able to communicate.
The switch, however, is not able to prevent routing between AP 1's clients and 
AP 2's clients, when all clients are in the same subnet.

Can we adjust the chilli-service to achieve the desired result?

So far we thought about dishing out individual /30-subnets to every client,
which would probably require a lot of unintended adjustments to chilli. Thus,
before doing so, I’d like to learn how you would handle it! 

Thanks in advance,

Gerrit Geisler

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