[CoovaChilli] WPA Captive Portal

Xavier Maysonnave x.maysonnave at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 13:50:34 BST 2017

1 - I noticed that my last email has been moderated and not published.
It contained the Makefile who let compile the 1.4 version of Coova on LEDE
17.01. Thanks. Anyway if someone is interrested I can share my work.
2 - I started radsec successfully with coova on LEDE 17.01 and now I try to
setup WPA2 Enterprise with Freeradius 3.0 on Debian Stretch. My
authentication scheme uses peap and mschapv2. Following
http://coova.github.io/CoovaChilli/WPACaptivePortal/ I setup the flag
wpaguests and setup the proxy with success. Registered users doesn't reach
the captive portal, that's really good. However I cannot setup
= require-uam-auth and change an Access-Reject to an Access-Accept for
unknown login. It simply doesn't work. Following https://goo.gl/dtFDsa or
https://goo.gl/gCf3QD I didn't make any progress. Is this technic still
possible on Freeradius 3 or not ?

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​ / Pudhuveedu​

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