[CoovaChilli] Authentication page does not appear

brice noukimi noukimibrice at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 14:48:33 BST 2017


Alcasar 3.1 has been properly installed on my server with its 2
network cards (external and internal) and I already have access to the
graphical interface from another computer.

The problem is that when I launch a web page, the alcasar
authentication page does not show up and of course I do not have
access to the internet. I have already created some user accounts in
case the authentication page appears.

By looking a bit I saw that it is chilli that allows to redirect the
clients to a web page that requests authentication. But this chilli
automatically turns off whenever I activate it on the GUI.
By typing this command as root, "alcasar-daemon.sh" I always get the
message saying that the chilli service is disabled
Is there a command that allows to activate it definitively? Can we
re-install only this service? Or is there another problem?
Thank you in advance I remain at your listening.


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