[CoovaChilli] Understanding how Login works

Andrew J Huang ajh.idaho at gmail.com
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Hi Nkansah, 

I'm working with Coova Chilli on OpenWRT and finding that OpenWRT only has a
two year old version (1.3) of Coova Chilli.  I'm struggling now with
properly building a package out of the 1.4 sources.  For CoovaChilli, I
probed for the version with 'chilli -V', and as well 'opkg list-installed |
grep chilli' returns OpenWRT's information on the package.

With respect to your RADIUSNes work, as I understand the challenge aspects,
I believe that you are correct that the challenges are used to prevent
plaintext attacks on the interactions.  I haven't investigated how
challenge-response protocols work, but they are pretty much standard.

Would a log of your network exchanges help you?  I would suggest Wireshark
if you haven't already.

(Caveat: I'm really in way, way, way over my head.  I've only been working
with coovachlli for a month or so, and not yet successfully.) 


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On 13/01/2017 20:17, Nkansah Rexford wrote:
> Then i guess the 2016 build of my dd-wrt is using a 2006 version of 
> chillispot?

See news section on the right hand side of http://www.chillispot.org and
check the version info of chillispot.

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