[CoovaChilli] alternative to use of daemon in conf/chilli?

Andrew J Huang ajh.idaho at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 05:13:16 GMT 2017

Hi Svan, all,

I'm trying to bring up Coova Chilli 1.4 on openwrt 15.05 (Designated Driver,
latest release) and have found that the chilli service point
(/etc/init.d/chilli) uses the daemon utility to create a service.
Unfortunately, daemon does not appear to be available in openwrt.

a)	Does anyone know where I might acquire daemon for openwrt?  Or do I
have to build it from source?
b)	Is there an alternate way of launching chilli as a service?  Chilli
1.3 did not seem to require daemon, but I'm sure much has changed since


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