[CoovaChilli] Chilli debug messages dumped to network

Andrew J Huang ajh.idaho at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 07:45:14 GMT 2017

Hi all,

I've encountered a strange problem, but it occurs to me it might be a
feature, perhaps even an intentional feature.

With debug on and any debug level, I am finding that a network trace shows
constant packets with impossible source and destination MAC addresses.
Examining the packet as a byte stream reveals that the MAC addresses are
actually composed of the string  "chilli[2569]". The remainder of the packet
is the remainder of the debug message, e.g. ": dhcp_hashinit(490): hash
table size 64 (56)".

Does this indicate that my syslog facility is configured or built
incorrectly or was this an intentional hack to make it easy to grab debug
information without getting inside the box?  Only chilli debug messages are
showing up this way, other log messages do not.  The messages I see on the
network also show up in the system log, i.e. they have been 'teed' to both
the log and the lan.

This is happening on an OpenWRT system that I built from the latest (15.05)
sources, using chilli built from the latest sources.


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