[CoovaChilli] Radsec Certificate in the browser while redirecting

Xavier Maysonnave x.maysonnave at gmail.com
Thu May 11 12:13:31 BST 2017

Hi All,
I setup a WPA2 - Peap - Mschapv2 on LEDE 17.01 with Freeradius 3.0.12 on
Debian Stretch as a backend with Coova 1.3.0
Guest users are redirected to the captive portal.
However on a laptop either Chrome or Firefox client before we reach the
captive portal receive the radsec certificate (client certificate) instead
of the UAM one (server certficate).
Radsec certficate are self-signed while the UAM one is a commercial grade
(The CA is known by the browser)
PGP: CAE5 CE4A EFE9 134F D991 5465 081C B6FB 2EAC 6CC9


​ / Pudhuveedu​

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