[CoovaChilli] Coovachilli with three interfaces

Kevin Rennie kevinjarennie at gmail.com
Sun May 27 22:31:41 BST 2018

I'm trying to setup Coovachilli in a small environment where it'll be used
for authentication of local users - we have two VLANs in place, one for
management functions and one for general users.

I've setup Radiusdesk and Coovachilli on a machine with three NICs (WAN,
LAN, Management) - Coovachilli is working and authenticating, but when I
enter the IP address of anything on the Management interface it seems to be
trying to route it there rather than tunnelling all traffic to the WAN

Is there any way to force Coovachilli to tunnel all traffic (regardless of
the IP entered) to WAN?

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